Osteopath St Kilda

Yarra Osteopathy has been the preferred Osteopath along Toorak Road in South Yarra for over seven years. We are easily accessed from St Kilda and have many patients who live or work in this area.

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Stiff and aching joints are a common symptom of older age. Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s normal! At Yarra Osteopathy many of our patients have gotten used to their “new normal” which includes painless and free moving joints and an active and enjoyable lifestyle! Treatment is gentle and aims to restore range of motion, reduce pain and implement self-management strategies.

Osteopathy during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time in a women’s life when her body is changing and adapting at a rapid rate. At Yarra Osteopathy we can support a women during this period to ensure the mechanics of her body are performing at their optimal level. This can be a challenging time and just as we would support an athlete’s body during a time of intense training, we work with our pregnant patients to prepare them for the birth and beyond!