Dr. Taylor Harvey

Being a avid sport person, over the years Taylor struggled with injuries. It was during his teenage years that he first got exposed to the profession and after several months of struggling with pain whilst playing cricket, it was an Osteopath who managed to get him back training again. Since then he hasn’t looked back!

Taylor studied Osteopathy at RMIT University and graduated with a double degree of Bachelor Health Science and Bachelor Applied Science (Osteopathy). He utilises mainly structural osteopathic techniques, such as massage, stretching and manipulations.

Given his personal interests, Taylor loves treating sporting complaints. Over the last four years he has worked as a qualified Sports Trainer for Heidelberg West Football Club where he was exposed to all sorts of complaints. He has extensive exercise prescription knowledge and believes that osteopathic treatment with appropriate rehabilitation gets you back on your feet. He has a special interest in hip, knee, ankle and foot complaints.

Taylor has been fortunate enough to travel to India in 2016 and 2017 and practice Osteopathy in a orthopedic hospital. Here he gained invaluable clinical experience, especially in lower limb complaints and got to view Osteopathic care from a completely different perspective to private practice here in Australia. This also allowed him to pursue his other passion of travel.

Taylor is available for consultation:

Monday 3:00am – 7:00pm

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