Rib Pain – It All Starts With A Chicken Wing

As Osteopaths we see a myriad of complaints, but a common one is pain underneath a shoulder blade. Patients will describe it as sharp and stabbing or dull and achy, it comes and goes, and nothing really relieves it.

This is a rib problem! We know, who knew ribs could cause issues here!

Ribs, like any other joint in the body, can become problematic when incorrect or poor loading occurs around the shoulder blade. Pain at this point, is often your 3rd or 4th rib, and the pain or discomfort you are experiencing, is your body trying to tell you something is just not right.

As Osteopaths our job is not only to diagnose a rib complaint, but to ascertain why you have a rib complaint. 3rd and 4th rib complaints are almost always as a result of holding your elbow away and forward or your body, or as we like to say, ‘chicken winging’. So we will go through your life with a fine tooth comb and try and work out when you are doing this particular movement.

  • Are you reaching for the mouse?
  • Do you ‘wing’ your elbows when you are typing?
  • Do you lean on an elbow at your desk?
  • Do you hold your mobile phone with your elbows out?

  • Establishing this is the key to your recovery.

    Osteopaths are proficient in treating all sorts of body complaints, including ribs! We will assess you, form a diagnosis, then you’ll receive some massage, stretching and joint manipulation all aiming to get the rib and surrounding structures working better.

    If you are sick of this irritating shoulder pain, why not make an appointment with one of our experienced Osteopaths and resolve this issue once and for all. At the South Yarra Osteopathic Clinic we enjoy treating rib complaints and would love to help you get to the bottom of it!