Dr. Alice Wright

Alice Wright Osteopath

Alice Wright Osteopath – South Yarra Osteopath

Alice Wright Osteopath graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences) and Master of Health Science (Osteopathy). Knowing she wanted to work in healthcare, Alice completed a Science degree before being drawn to Osteopathy. Alice admired the work of osteopaths who not only treated the patient’s physical complaint but also addressed external factors such as sleep and stress that can delay or impede recovery.

During her studies, Alice worked for amateur football clubs for four years. This gave her a great appreciation for acute injury management and the pressures on athletes to be able to return to sport.

Alice’s treatments are structurally based with an emphasis on rehabilitation and active recovery from injury. Alice likes to address non-musculoskeletal factors which may be preventing patients from achieving their goals, and equipping patients with the knowledge and tools to help patients help themselves.

When not in clinic, you’ll find Alice walking her dogs, at the beach or spending hours in the kitchen cooking her latest creation.

Alice is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Treatment Style: Gentle, Medium, Firm. Massages, stretches and manipulates.

Email alice@yarraosteo.com.au