Dr. Amy Coffey

Amy Coffey Osteopath

Amy Coffey Osteopath – South Yarra Osteopath

Dr Amy Coffey Osteopath graduated a 5 year osteopathic masters degree at Victoria University. In her final year of study, Amy was chosen to undertake an internship at an elite orthopedic hospital in Mumbai, India. She worked as an osteopath alongside a team of orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists and radiologists.

Amy grew up being treated by osteopaths resulting in her falling in love with the profession. She believes in looking at the body holistically and finding the reasons why complaints are present, rather than only treating the symptoms. She uses a range of direct and indirect techniques including dry needling to encourage the body’s healing processes.

Dr Amy Coffey specialises in treating neck pain, headaches/migraines, shoulder issues as well as extensive practise treating low back pain.

When Amy isn’t at South Yarra Osteopathic Clinic you will find her treating animals at a vet in Bentleigh as an Animal Osteopath. She uses gentle osteopathic treatment techniques on the dogs and cats which is very effective and rewarding.

Amy is available Friday.

Treatment Style: Gentle, Medium, Firm. Massages, stretches and manipulates.

Email amy@yarraosteo.com.au