Arthritis is commonly misunderstood: stiffness and aching joints do not have to be inevitable as we get older. At Yarra Osteopathy, our patients often mistakenly assume arthritis is untreatable and must be endured. Although damage to the joint surface cannot be reversed, osteopathic treatment and specific advice on lifestyle can be effective in reducing physical strain and discomfort. This is especially true when it can be tackled in the early stages. Often arthritis is confined to a localised part of the body and is unlikely to become widespread.

The extent of arthritis or degeneration in joints bears little relation to the pain and disability people suffer. If there is inflammation, nerve pressure, stiffness and muscle tightness with an arthritic joint, it is likely to be painful. These secondary factors can often be helped with careful osteopathic treatment giving considerable relief to sufferers.

It’s not only older people who develop arthritis however in the elderly, quality of life may be improved by gentle osteopathic techniques that relieve pain and muscular aching, improve local circulation and aid mobility.