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We’re you’re local South Yarra Osteopath! South Yarra Osteopathic Clinic has been the preferred Osteopath along Toorak Road in South Yarra for over seven years. Local residents and business people from South Yarra and Toorak visit us for relief of headaches, sports injuries, spinal pain and many other musculoskeletal complaints.

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South Yarra Osteopath

South Yarra Osteopath during Pregnancy

Osteopathy is a safe and effective treatment during pregnancy. We regularly support women throughout their pregnancy to facilitate a pain-free pregnancy and to prepare the body for delivery and motherhood. After birth we provide ongoing treatment to mothers for issues relating to breastfeeding, posture, spinal pain and headaches.

South Yarra Osteopath Rehabilitation Services

Whether it’s after a knee arthroscopy or ankle sprain, our osteopaths in South Yarra can help you form a customized home-based rehab program. We regularly treat patients post-surgery or after sporting injuries and are able to assist you in your transition back to activity. We work collaboratively with other local physiotherapists, pilates instructors and masseurs to get the best outcomes for our patients.

South Yarra Osteopath Headache Treatment

There are many causes of headaches and your South Yarra Osteopath will first help you to find the cause of your headache so we can then best treat and prevent recurrence.

How will an Osteopath help my headache?

  • Reduce muscle tightness and dysfunction
  • Restore joint range of motion and symmetry of movement
  • Asses other areas that may be affecting your pain such as the low back or pelvis
  • Give advice on stretching and ergonomics to prevent recurrence
  • Assess other lifestyle factors that may be impacting your symptoms such as stress and dehydration.

South Yarra Back Pain Treatment

Back pain often results in discomfort, disability, and absenteeism from the workplace,and can also affect your family and personal life. At Yarra Osteopathy, we offer effective back pain treatment to patients in Melbourne who are wanting to experience an improved quality of life.

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