COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols


All our Osteopaths are double vaccinated against COVID-19.
We will be documenting the vaccination status of each of our patients. For those that are single vaccinated, not vaccinated or do not wish to disclose their vaccination status they will be provided and required to wear a P2 mask upon entry at their cost.


Once you have booked an appointment, there will be a link in the appointment confirmation/reminder email to our online pre-appointment COVID-19 screening questionnaire. You will be asked a series of questions relating to COVID-19 to assess if it is suitable for you to attend the clinic. This must be completed prior to your appointment and failure to complete this form will mean we will be unable to treat you. We also request that once completed, if any of your answers change prior to your appointment, you must notify us immediately.

Discretion will be taken if you are over 65 years or have any serious or long-standing health concerns; with the preference to be a Telehealth appointment instead. However, if you are well and of good health then your appointment will take place as normal.


We request that you arrive at your appointment time and no earlier; if you are early, we request you simply wait in your car or outside. Once you arrive, we request you go straight to the bathroom and wash your hands thoroughly. We will take you in for consultation once this has occurred. It is expected that you will wear a mask for the duration of the consultation.


  • We will now wear a face mask and eye protectionthroughout the appointment and gloves for the hands-on aspect of your care.
  • All linen has been removed from the tables and gowns will be only offered if absolutely necessary. All linen used is single use and washed in a hot wash.
  • We will preference PayPass for EFTPOS payments but unfortunately, you’ll still need to sign the HICAPS receipt. If this is something you are uncomfortable with, we have gloves available for use – just let us know.
  • EFTPOS receipts will only be provided upon request.
  • Additional time has been allocated at the end of your consultation to allow your Osteopath adequate time to clean the room properly once you leave. We are utilising 70% isopropanol on all touched surfaces.
  • We have longer gaps between appointments meaning that there is reduced chances of cross over between you and the next patient.

  • We believe and are satisfied that these measures are appropriate and thorough to ensure health and safety. As the situation changes, we’ll evolve too, with the priority being your well-being. We will have no hesitation in closing the clinic again should infection rates spike.

    Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions.