South Yarra Osteopathic Clinic

At South Yarra Osteopathic Clinic we can help with neck pain and
headaches and help prevent recurrence.

Sport injuries are often the result of underlying poor biomechanics. At South Yarra Osteopathic Clinic we pride ourselves of addressing these issues so you can perform at your best.

South Yarra Osteopathy

Osteopathic treatment at the South Yarra Osteopathic Clinic can help with back pain relief and management.

Osteopathy is safe for all ages including new-born infants and our clinic is a calm and safe environment for you baby.

Osteopathy is a gentle treatment option that helps the body adapt to the growing baby and helps to reduce pain.  We are experienced Osteopaths for all stages of pregnancy.

Pain is a warning that something is wrong. Osteopathy is not just about treating the symptoms, but also addressing the cause.