Pregnancy Osteopath

Pregnancy Osteopath

Our Pregnancy Osteopath are all qualified to treat pregnant patients and enjoy working with pregnant bellies! We work closely with leading Melbourne obstetricians and are one of their preferred osteopaths. Treatment is safe during ALL STAGES of your pregnancy and we have specialised PREGNANCY PILLOWS so you can lie on your tummy up to 40 weeks!

Treatment by an osteopath can help maximise your body’s ability to adjust to the changes during and after pregnancy. Treatment by an osteopath is gentle, drug free and non-invasive. Osteopaths release the mechanical problems caused by pregnancy, improve circulation and aim to balance the pelvis to aid in an easier delivery.

Pregnancy Osteopath

Why do pregnant women visit an osteopath?

  • General Osteopathic treatment to cope with your pregnancy. Back and neck pain as a result of extra strain on the spine
  • Gastro-intestinal upsets such as nausea due to increased pressure on the diaphragm and gastro-intestinal organs and the physiological changes of pregnancy.
  • Swelling of the feet and ankles (lymphoedema) caused by changes in fluid dynamics and biomechanics
  • History of back problems which could affect pregnancy or delivery

Labour also stresses the mother’s body! The mother’s pelvis may be subject to lasting strains from the forces required to deliver a baby. Untreated, the stresses placed on a body can contribute to ongoing back problems, period pain, incontinence, constipation, headaches and post-natal depression. These stresses may be present whether the baby is born vaginally or by caesarian.

After labour, Osteopathic treatment can assist the mother in returning to normal by releasing strains from both pregnancy and labour. Treatment will remove tension, help the mother cope with broken sleep, remove any new strains that occur due to breast feeding, nursing and lifting, and prevents future problems by realigning the spine and pelvis and treating the mechanical problems caused during pregnancy.