Being pregnant is an amazing experience and there are lots of changes occurring around the body. Some of these can place a strain on our muscles and joints and unfortunately pain is the result. The main reason that you may experience pain can be due to your body adapting to weight distribution changes. There are hormonal influences as well. Both of these things can lead to added pressure placed on the joints, ligaments and muscles.

The lower back, pelvis, hips and legs are the more common areas that are affected by pregnancy. Your gait (the way we walk) may completely change, you might feel pain, have trouble sleeping or find it difficult to sit in one position for too long.

Osteopaths can help with,

  • Pelvic instability
  • Sciatic symptoms
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Swelling
  • Heartburn and reflux
  • Muscular tension or joint restriction

We use techniques such as massage, stretching, traction, joint articulation and manipulation are used to help the body adapt. By using gentle techniques, we can help support you throughout your pregnancy. We can relieve muscle tension and joint restrictions and if necessary, assist in the development of a gentle exercise regime. Recommendations of products that may help with the pregnancy and post-natal care; from pelvic braces to body pillows can also be made.

We have a specially designed pillow which allows you to comfortably lie on your stomach at any stage of the pregnancy. Women LOVE this pillow and often comment that they’d like to steal it! It is great and allows us to provide a thorough treatment.

So why not give us a try and let us help get through this incredible but sometimes challenging time.