Lifestyle Advice

At the South Yarra Osteopathic Clinic we realise that musculoskeletal health is just one component of your body health! Here we’ll discuss various different areas that will contribute to an overall improvement in your health.

Different areas that we’ll focus on are,

  • Diet
  • Footwear
  • Posture & Behaviours
  • Sleep  & Breathing
  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • Stress management

All of these topics are pivotal for improving overall health and will contribute with Osteopathy to helping you feel better!

Struggle With Injuries? Ask Yourself Why.

Several years ago, as an Osteopathic student, I struggled with debilitating pain behind my right shoulder blade. I couldn’t recall any injury, nor could I work out a reason for it. I started seeing an Osteopath who advised me I had an irritated rib. Great I thought!...

Waking Up Stiff Or Sore?

If yes, this is NOT normal! You should be waking up each morning feeling rested and relaxed. If this is not the case, chances are that either your mattress and/or your pillow is past its use by date. The body is really self-explanatory – we just need to listen to it....

3 Tips for the Best Back to School Care

Back to School! The end of January is quickly approaching and that means back to school year for our many families who attend Yarra Osteopathy. We see many children in the lead up to term one as they prepare to start a new school year. This can be a great time of the...

Movement, Exercise and Your Health

This week I listened to an excellent podcast featuring biomechanist Katy Bowman. Katy talked about the differences between movement and exercise in the context of our increasingly sedentary lives and how they affect our health. It was really interesting and got me...


Magnesium is a mineral required by the body for healthy function of our bones and nervous system that also plays a major role in controlling inflammation, energy production and the control of blood sugar. From our perspective as Osteopaths, Magnesium is essential for...