Happy New Year! Have you started 2015 with some good health intentions? The internet can be a great source of information and inspiration but often it can be difficult to sift out the good from the bad. Here are some of our favorite online resources. These websites should only be used as a guide and if you have symptoms you are unsure of, best see your GP or osteopath.

This is a Victorian Government website and has some excellent fact sheets on common conditions, medication information, healthy living advice and links to healthcare providers and community services. All of the information on this website is based on sound evidence. Here’s a nice article on weight management.


This is a website dedicated to alternative and natural health. This advice should be used with more caution however there are some excellent articles on healthy living, alternative therapies and some great recipes. Here’s a great article with some fitsperation!

A great website for some healthy inspiration. Have a look at these great healthy lunch ideas.

It’s not too late to start! Sign up for your fast from alcohol, cigarettes, social media, sugar or junk food and raise some money for some well deserved charities.

This is the ABC health website. It lists current articles, issues and links to ABC television shows and podcasts. Here’s a really nice video on meditation.

Our blog also has some interesting articles on topics such as sleep and diet.

Hope this helps to get you going. What are your favourite resources?