Dr. Amy Conca

Amy Conca Osteopath

Amy Conca Osteopath – South Yarra Osteopath

Amy Conca Osteopath graduated from Victoria University. A background in sport drove her passion for biomechanics which led her to osteopathy to further develop her knowledge of the human body.

Amy’s treatment style is holistic, with an emphasis on examining the body as a whole, and an understanding that physical discomfort may be influenced by a range of external factors

After a thorough assessment, Amy will use a variety of techniques to address the source of your pain as well as any underlying compensations which may be contributing.
She utilises a range of hands on techniques, including massage, stretch, and joint manipulation, as well as recognising the importance of education and rehabilitation.

Excellent communication skills and an empathetic nature allow Amy to educate her patients about both the cause and nature of their condition, as well as how to best manage and prevent future episodes of pain and get them back to doing the things they love. She understands each person and their circumstances are unique, and appreciates there is no one-size-fits-all solution to physical and mental health.

Amy has a particular interest in neck and back pain as well as headaches and jaw pain. She is also passionate about women’s and children’s health, and is undertaking further study in these areas.

Amy is a registered Osteopath with AHPRA, and is a member of Osteopathy Australia.

She is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Treatment Style: Gentle, Medium, Firm.

Amy will often provided massage, stretching and joint manipulation as well as a variety of other Osteopathic techniques.

Email amy@yarraosteo.com.au