How can I manage my pain now? Top five tips for immediate pain relief!

At Yarra Osteopathy we often see patients with acute pain. This can be in the form of debilitating back pain, sports injuries, headaches and many more.

Here are our top five tips for managing acute pain…


Stop what you are doing! Have you been gardening or playing sport and has this caused the discomfort? Stop and rest. Are you supposed to play in that important netball game or sit in a car for a long trip? Postpone these activities until you are feeling better.

2 .Ice or Heat?

Ice and heat can be a great pain management option before you reach for the pain meds. Unsure about which to apply? Read more about this here.

3. Gentle movement

It is important to find the balance between rest and activity. Whilst we don’t want you to go to your regular Body Attack class, some gentle walking may help you to feel better. If a movement does not produce pain, it’s ok.

4. Pain medication

If rest, ice/heat and gentle movement aren’t enough, some pain medication for a few days may be indicated. There are many over the counter options and best practice is to have a chat with your local pharmacist.

5. Make an appointment at Yarra Osteopathy!

Yes – come and see us, we can help! Book online here.