The QL and the hip flexor’s are two major muscle groups responsible for the health of your lower back. It is not uncommon for people with lower back trouble to have tight QL’s and hip flexors. The QL muscle stabilises us between the lower ribs and pelvis, allowing the trunk to move forward and back. The hip flexors allow flexion of the hips and the lumbar spine. Having suppleness of these muscles is pivotal to a health strong lower back.

The Quadratus Lumborum (QL) muscle is such a important muscle in supporting your spine. It lies laterally to your spine on either side and provides support when you are sitting. Often people who sit off to a side, or slouch have tight QL muscles so you’d benefit from this stretch.

The hip flexor comprises of the iliacus and the psoas major muscle. It is often referred to as iliopsoas or the ‘hip flexor’. Stretching the hip flexor is one of the more difficult muscles in the body to stretch. Most people who have had a history with lower back complaints would have heard of the hip flexor and that it is often tight. When you have back pain and you cannot stand up straight, it is because of the hip flexor. Play around with the angles of this one; you want to feel it in your groin.