Individual Workstation Assessments

Workstation AssessmentsStraight Forward for Business offers individual workstation assessments, provides ergonomic recommendations and tailors postural education. Employers can choose to have workstation assessments on all staff or at the request of individual employees.

The assessments cover:

  • Discussion about any specific musculoskeletal complaint or concern
  • The employee’s role and responsibilities within the business
  • The workstation including computer, chair, keyboard and mouse positioning and the provision of any necessary recommendations
  • Analysis of posture and provision of appropriate education
  • Detailed written report to employer highlighting concerns, adjustments made and providing cost-effective options for any recommended ergonomic aids

Run Time: Approximately 20 minutes per workstation. This program can be either elective or run for all members of the staff.Cost: $290/hr + GST.

If you’re interested in, or have any queries about the Straight Forward for Business Program, please contact Dr. Brennan via email or phone (03) 9804 5588.