Workplace Ergonomic and Posture Seminar

Workplace Ergonomic and Posture SeminarStraight Forward for Business offers an in-house seminar developed and presented by Dr. Lisa Brennan (Osteopath) and educates employees about the importance of workplace ergonomics and posture, and encourages them to take responsibility for their health.

Following the seminar, your employees should:

  • Be aware of the common complaints associated with working in an office
  • Have an improved understanding of their anatomy
  • Be able to recognise both correct and poor postures
  • Understand the ramifications of poor posture
  • Be able to assess and arrange their workstations correctly, including computer and chair positioning
  • Know how to sit correctly and comfortably at their workstation

Dr. Brennan has developed the seminar around actual clinical complaints of employees and presents this information in a clear, simple manner. The seminar is interactive and practical and supported by a presentation, demonstrations and reference material.

Following the seminar there will be an opportunity to discuss any concerns or queries with Dr. Brennan.

We can also assist with the supply of recommended ergonomic aids.

Run Time: Approximately 45 minutes.

Cost: $385 + GST.

If you’re interested in, or have any queries about the Straight Forward for Business Program, please contact Dr. Brennan via email or phone (03) 9804 5588.