Here is an idea to have a think about!

How do you use Osteopathy? Do you get the most out the service at Yarra Osteopathy?

The way I see it there are two reasons for seeing an Osteopath.

The first reason is for what I call Smash Repairs!!! You had an accident, a fall, lifted something too heavy, did something that was not quite right and now there is pain. It hurts with movement, is uncomfortable, disrupts sleep and physical activity. A quick phone call to reception, in you come and we start the process of untangling. Getting things moving again so that the body can take care of the inflammation, do the micro repair that is necessary and in doing so reduce the sensation of pain. Do you see why this is Smash Repairs?

The second reason is for Maintenance. This is where a person books an appointment when they have little or no pain. When they are moving reasonably well and generally feeling ok! A quick phone call to reception and in you come….This time it’s about fine tuning. Making sure all the joints are working well, that the small and asymptomatic strains are removed. Ensuring that the ribs expand well and the nervous system is at ease, allowing full respiration and optimal function of the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Also it is a chance to work more deeply on old injuries ensuring optimal function and the best range of motion possible. This allows the body to operate at its peak, with a greater possibility to resist injury and illness.

These are two different views of healthcare. The first is the ‘fix it when it’s broken’ approach. The second is the ‘keep it running well so it doesn’t get broken approach’. I guess this begs the question…. When do you service your vehicle?

If you have questions regarding a wholistic approach to healthcare phone us at Yarra Osteopathy, we are happy to answer your questions.

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