Although this may be a simple question, there is not a simple answer!

Osteopaths are allied health professionals that can treat a variety of complaints across the whole body including the spine, joints and muscles. No matter the complaint the aim of treatment is to leave the patient feeling renewed and restored, whether that’s by decreasing pain, increasing mobility or through education and understanding of the cause of discomfort.

Given that Osteopaths can work across the entire body there is an extensive variety of complaints we can help manage. We go beyond only treating neck and lower back pain, to assisting with headaches, disc complaints, tendinopathies, strains, sprains, bursitis and so much more!

Through massage, stretching and manipulation we can work through your musculoskeletal complaint and work to address cause, so your body can function at its best. We enjoy working on issues that may arise in any area of the body.

From pregnant women, to athletes, to office workers we can use a detailed history to tackle any complaint you may have.

So next time you are feeling pain, tightness or any other niggles, give Osteopathy a go and come book an appointment!