Headaches – Not just neck pain!

At Yarra Osteopathy, we see many patients with headache. Are the really just a pain in the neck? Many factors can contribute to headache and neck pain… Rounded shoulders, tightness in upper and lower back, pelvis and even foot dysfunction can play a role. As osteopaths, we treat the whole body. After taking a thorough history, your assessment may include examination and treatment of any of the aforementioned areas.

Desk Workers

Yes, I’m talking to you! How are you sitting right now? Are you comfortable? Do you have any headache or neck pain? When was the last time you moved? Ensure your desk is set up correctly and take regular breaks. If you’re unsure about your work ergonomics, ask at your next appointment for our computer handout. Try some hip flexor and hamstring stretches regularly.


The physical demands placed on mothers such as breastfeeding, heavy lifting and just general kid wrangling can place undue stress on the spine, neck and shoulders. Headache and neck pain are thus a common symptom amongst parents. Stretch your shoulders regularly at the end of the day or after breastfeeding. When possible, take some time out and try a pilates or yoga class.


So what can I do? Of course, osteopathic treatment should be your first line when dealing with the acute symptoms. On a more ongoing basis, maintenance treatment can form an important part of managing chronic symptoms. Also of importance are gentle exercise such as walking and also sessions in a more formalised setting such as pilates. 

Book an appointment today for your headache treatment. For pilates we recommend Pilates International in South Yarra.