Simple stretching to improve posture

Let’s face it, these days we all spend a lot of time sitting at our desks, in cars and in front of computers, iPads and the like. The shape of our posture is changing as certain muscles become shortened and tight. Two of these important muscles are the traps and the pecs. Regular stretching of these muscles can help relieve the pain and tightness associated in your shoulder and neck area and headaches. It is also the first step towards regaining better posture.

Read on for our top tips for stretching these two important muscles.


Trapezius Stretch

Place your right hand on your head and pull it to the right and slightly forward.

Feel a pull in the left side of your upper neck and shoulder region.

Keep your left shoulder anchored down.

Keep your body tall and vertical.

Common mistakes:

Shoulder of the stretching side comes up – you’ll feel less of a pull.

Neck drops back into extension – this is a dangerous position for the neck, avoid this.



Stand in a open doorway with both arms stretched out either side holding onto the doorframe.

Maintain a 90 degree angle at both your elbows and your shoulders.

Keep your shoulder blades pulled back and down (think of pulling them into your trouser pockets).

Keep your body tall and vertical.

Step forward into the doorway to allow your arms to be gently stretched back.

Common mistakes:

Don’t bend the body forwards – this will reduce the effectiveness of the stretch.

Don’t roll the shoulders up and forwards – causes tightness in the trap area which you should have just stretched out nicely!

Don’t lean forward too far and overstretch.