At Yarra Osteopathy, many of our patients run. Whether you are a marathon runner or simply run The Tan, finding the right pair of shoes is very important!

For a runner, selecting running shoes is up there with a new house or car! As a runner myself I understand this and am well aware of the importance of good shoes. I’ve played around with various brands over the years but keep coming back to the same shoe. This is common in runners. Once we’ve found the perfect fit we wont change. (I run in the Asics GT2000)

In South Yarra many of our patients are confused by the large array of shoes to chose from. We advise taking some strategy in this process to avoid injury. First and foremost we recommend being professionally fitted. There are some excellent shoe stores locally that we refer patients to for this. Try Active Feet, Running Fit or The Running Company.

Foot Size:

Your foot will be measured to check for size. It is amazing how many patients are unsure of their exact size and width. Both feet need to be measured too… There is often a discrepancy. Some runners like to go up half a size to allow some more wriggle room in the toebox. Your heel should feel snug to avoid slipping around in the shoe.

Gait Anaylsis:

How you run will determine what kind of shoe is recommended for you. Flat-footed runners are suited to a higher stability shoe to limit pronation. Runners with a high arch may have a tendency to supination and will therefore be more suited to a cushioned shoe and neutral runners are suited to a moderate stability shoe.

Shoe Selection:

Once your size and style of running have been established it is recommended you try two to three pairs of shoes on. Try them on the treadmill. From here it all comes down to feel.

What about minimal:

This is still a hot topic amongst runners and health professionals. Whilst I am not anti-minimalist I am reluctant to suggest this for my patients as most of us have been walking and running in structured shoes our whole lives. If you want to go down this route I would suggest getting fitted professionally at one of the stores listed above and begin first with a “step-down” shoe to gradually reduce the support as your body adjusts.

And should I see my Osteopath?:

Definitely! If you are embarking on a training schedule or just increasing your exercise regime, an assessment by your Osteopath will reduce the chances of injury and maximize your efforts from your training. At Yarra Osteopathy we treat many patients with sports injures and lower limb pain that relates to running.

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