Pregnancy is an incredibly transformative journey, which reveals the body’s remarkable capacity to adjust and adapt. There are essential changes that occur to the physiological, biomechanical, and hormonal systems, all required to facilitate the growing baby and prepare the body for birth.

As this occurs, we see changes to biomechanics which can create lasting muscle tension and pressure on our joints, which will be a driver for why pregnant people seek Osteopathic care. As Osteopaths we acknowledge the interconnections throughout the body and mind, which is why we’ll assess the whole body, provide ergonomic advice, exercise prescription, and educate you on your condition to prevent aggravating or worsening of symptoms.

Osteopath for Pregnancy

Common reasons why women seek Osteopathic care during pregnancy
Lower back pain & sciatica
Groin & hip pain
Pelvic girdle pain (public symphysis / sacroiliac joint)
Postural advice and maintenance
Rib cage pain
Carpal tunnel: Tingling in the hands

We can utilize a number of safe and gentle techniques like soft tissue massage, stretching and subtle balancing techniques to improve muscle tension, mobility and reduce swelling. As you progress through pregnancy, it may not always be possible to expect the pain to be fully resolved. Rather our role as Osteopath’s is to slow the progression of pain and improve mobility related issues to pregnancy.

So if you, or someone you know, is struggling with pregnancy, why not make an appointment? Osteopathy is regarded as a safe, gentle and effective treatment option to help get you through!