Dr. Nina Robertson

Nina Robertson Osteopath

Nina Robertson Osteopath – South Yarra Osteopath

Nina Robertson Osteopath, successfully graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy). Growing up with a sporting background, she discovered her passion for fitness and mental health, paving the way for a career in Osteopathy.

Nina’s approach to treatment is thinking holistically to explain the cause and effect of your dysfunction, as well as taking into account the multifaceted mechanisms related to pain beliefs, tissue damage and exercise rehab.

After a comprehensive assessment, Nina will apply her clinical judgement to explore different hands-on techniques to meet your needs of care and level of comfort. These include – massage, stretching, joint manipulation, dry needling and cupping. These techniques implemented in Nina’s practice are designed to restore tissue tension, improve range of motion and promote healing to help you move at your best!

Nina has previously worked as a sports trainer and has gained considerable professional insight and experience in treating a range of sporting injuries. As a result her practice aims to work proactively and employ exercise based therapies to rehab.

Nina’s compassion and interpersonal skills have enabled her to build excellent rapport and therapeutic relationships with patients. She extends her passion of osteopathy to work with patients of all ages, in particular to those suffering with neck, back, shoulder and knee pain.

She aspires to continue her professional development in Women’s Health Care – with a focus on pregnancy and postnatal care. In addition, Nina will complete her Clinical Pilates course in the next year to add as part of her treatment tools.

Beyond work, Nina spends a great amount of time fuelling her coffee addiction all around Melbourne. To help keep a balanced lifestyle, she enjoys strength training and mediated movement therapies such as hot yoga and pilates to unwind.

Nina is a registered Osteopath with AHPRA, and is a member of Osteopathy Australia.

She is available Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays

Treatment Style: Gentle, Medium, Firm.

Nina will often provided massage, stretching and joint manipulation as well as a variety of other Osteopathic techniques.

Email nina@yarraosteo.com.au