Exercise has been proven to improve a variety of aspects of daily living that go well beyond weight loss and physical appearance. Exercise is important for all populations from teenagers up to the elderly there are benefits that can be gained by everybody, particularly through lifting weights.

Lifting weights will lead to an overall improvement in posture, sleep, mood and energy levels. This can help prevent back pain due to strengthening of the muscle in the core and muscles that surround the lower back. People tend to sit quite rounded through the shoulders when at the desk, lifting weights can help open up the muscles of the chest and strengthen the muscles of the back so you can sit upright.

Lifting weights can increase bone density as the increased force loaded through the joints and bones causes the body to react by creating new cells and this adaptation leads to stronger and denser bones. This is particularly important in the elderly population where bone mineral density may be on the decline, however it is beneficial to begin building healthier bones from a young age. Placing this pressure through the bones will lead to stronger and healthier bones. Lifting weights also maintains or increases muscle mass which is also beneficial in the aging population as muscle mass decreases with age.

Increased muscle mass is very beneficial for balance and injury prevention. More muscle leads to greater support for the joints as its easier to hold them in their optimal position. Weights can address potential muscular imbalances from our daily activities and work posture, this will lead to easier movement day to day as body awareness increases and movement patterns are corrected.

Being stronger makes every day activities easier. Your Osteopath can help with any niggles, pains or aches that arise from exercise and keep you moving towards your fitness goals. So make sure to book an appointment with your Osteo and we can keep you as active as possible.