Seven top tips for setting up your car seat correctly


We are often asked in the clinic how to set up car seats and maintain good posture whilst in the car. Here are our seven top tips to achieving a smooth and comfortable drive home…


1. Back Support

Support your back. Most cars come these days with an inbuilt lumbar support – use it. If not, try a support cushion or even a rolled up towel.


2. Seat Angle

Angle seat back around 20 degrees.


3. Don’t Slump!

Sit up tall and ensure your head is balanced on your shoulders NOT leaning forward. This goes for your shoulder too. Don’t slump!


4. Look Down Test (reference)

Whilst parked with both hands on the steering wheel, look down at your legs. You should be able to see both legs evenly. If you can see one leg in full but the other is obscured by your arm, your pelvis may be twisted. Have a wriggle, adjust yourself in your seat and repeat the test.


5. The Praying Test (reference)  

Whilst parked place your hands together as if praying. Press your wrists into your chest so that your fingers aiming forwards. Adjust your body so the fingertips are pointing directly at the centre of the steering wheel. Another good test to make sure your not sitting crookedly.


6. The Fist Test (reference)

Your fist should rest comfortably on the top of your head. If not, your seat needs to be adjusted down or inclined slightly backwards to accommodate for your height.


7. The Mirror

Adjust the rearview mirror at the start of each journey. This is not only a safety precaution but also is a good slumping check. If you feel the need to adjust the mirror again during your journey, check your posture first. You may have simply slumped!


And a few other quick tips…

Take your wallet out guys! It can cause imbalances in the pelvis.

Ensure your seatbelt is secured safely and firmly.

Take regular breaks when on long drives to move and stretch your body.


We have mentioned some great stretches here and here that would be suitable for your pit-stops.