Osteopathy is a terrific treatment option for knee complaints! Whether it is that irritating niggle, which isn’t debilitating, but is always there; to a more serious knee condition like patella tracking syndrome! We can most certainly help!

The knee is a hinge type joint which allows the knee to bend and straighten with a tiny bit twisting movement that can occur. It is made up of your thigh bone, shin bone and knee cap with cartilage in-between called a meniscus that acts as a shock absorber. These are all held together by surrounding ligaments, tendons and muscles. Injuries to the knee can happen suddenly through overactivity or sporting events, or through longer term wear and tear.

Some of the more common conditions of the knee that we treat include:

– Patellar tracking syndrome
– Meniscal tears
– Ligament tears or strains
– Patellar tendinopathy
– ITB syndrome
– Bursitis
– Osteoarthritis

Treatment from an Osteopath can help by reducing the muscle tension around the joints from soft tissue tightness, increasing the range of motion available, and help to reduce pain and inflammation by promoting blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Your Osteopath will assess the hip and ankle joints to determine the complete movement patterns of the lower limb and figure out the underlying cause of the complaint. Once this has been determined we can provide you with the tools and knowledge to manage the problem so full pain free function can be regained.

Osteopaths can restore normal biomechanics to reduce the chance or reinjury and degeneration. We can offer postural and ergonomic advice to keep the knees and other joints of the lower limb in an optimal position, as well as offering modifications to activities so you can continue to move while minimising further damage.

So, if you experience any pain, stiffness, aching, swelling, clicking, locking or restriction through the knee, come book in an appointment with an Osteopath and see what we can do for you.