A few months ago I completed a Rocktaping or kinesiotaping course which I found to be highly informative and very practical. I have returned to Yarra Osteopathy with lots of great knowledge and expertise in this area for our patients.

What is Rocktape?

Unlike normal sports tape, Rocktape is engineered to mimic the human skin. It stretches to 180% of its resting length which gives it a huge performance advantage over other kinds of tape. When applied with some stretch on the tissue, Rocktape causes the skin to form small convulsions and wrinkles. This lifts the skin over an injured area, which decompresses the tissue just under the skin and superficial connective tissue. The decompression allows for greater movement of fluid to and from the site of pain which allows for increased nutrient and blood flow to the site in order to promote healing, and also drainage of waste products from the area. Rocktape also has a mechanical effect. Pressure on the vertical layer of tissue between skin and bone is reduced which allows for more slide and glide of the deeper layer of tissues. It is like taking some of your treatment home with you as the tape lasts 4-5 days duration! It can also aid in rehab and retraining enabling you to get the most out of your functional exercises.

Patients at Yarra Osteopathy have benefited greatly from the use of Rocktape… I have personally witnessed patients who could barely bend past their knees be able to almost reach their toes after one application! Some have also reported reductions in pain and improved balance post application.

I have also personally experienced the effects of Rocktaping as the “guinea pig” for the demonstrations during the course. I was assessed for squats and planks… A weakness was detected causing my pelvis to tip to the left when performing these movements. After a Rocktape application there was an immediate improvement in my balance and function.


In short the benefits of rocktape are as follows:

  • Assist motion
  • Decrease swelling
  • Decrease pain
  • Increase proprioception
  • Postural aid

If you think that Rocktape is something that might benefit your treatment/management of any injuries, or if you’d like to ask about functional taping to enhance your training, please do not hesitate to contact me or come in for an appointment. I really love this stuff and I’m sure many of you will too!

Dr Kimberley Masin sees patients in South Yarra on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings.